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James Apollos Maxwell

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Minister James Apollos. Maxwell a sixteen year resident in the Northwest was compelled by the prompting of the Holy Spirit to launch out and plant a new ministry in the city of Tukwila, Washington. The Inaugural Worship of the Tukwila Church of Christ began Sunday, October 5, 2014. With blessings from God and prayers from Churches of Christ and friends around the brotherhood, Brother Maxwell began a movement of faith with his family to win souls for Christ in the city of Tukwila. Tukwila, WA is located twelve miles from Seattle. It's the only Church of Christ in the growing city. Several likeminded Christians decided to assist Bro. Maxwell's ministry effort to work in the city of Tukwila. The Church is healthy and growing numerically and spiritually. James also serves as Ministry Consultant to the historic Figueroa Church Of Christ in Los Angeles, CA(http://figueroacoc.com/)‚Äč He oversees a number of responsibilitites working remotely from Washington. Bro. Maxwell continues to serve  Tukwila Church of Christ as Pulpit Minister.

James Apollos,the son of Pioneer Preacher and national Evangelist /Author Dr. James O. Maxwell, Vice President of Southwestern Christian College has served in the Pacific Northwest faithfully for  over 15 years. In that span 200+ souls have been added to the Lord. His work culminated in the construction and dedication of a new edifice at the former congregation he served (Holgate Church of Christ) from 2004-2014. A number of ministry programs, protocols, initiatives and procedures were put in place through his ministry in the Seattle area. Brother Maxwell has been blessed in his twenty-six years of ministry, to establish and lead several ministries & initiatives in various congregations. Some include Seeds to Branches Capital Camptaign Fund, A Personal Evangelism Outreach Initiative, Lecture Series, Online & Mobile Giving, Youth Banquets, Anniversaries, Pre-need Planning Seminars, All Church Spiritual Journal, Mentoring Young Married Couples, College Students, and Young Men, Preacher, Teacher & Leadership Training, Pre-marital Counseling, Domestic and International Gospel Campaigns (To Arkansas, Belize City, Central America, and Ethiopia) where many have been won to Christ and thousands of dollars have been raised for Christian Education & Missions. 

James has received numerous recognition. He was an integral part of an Economic Development Corporation and The LA Bible College in Los Angeles, CA. He and his wife were honored for “For Outstanding Christian Service” by the LA Bible College in 2004. In 2003 James received the prestigious “Image Award” from his Alma Mater Southwestern Christian College in the category of “Church Leadership”. In May 2009, James was named to Southwestern Christian College’s Inaugural Hall of Fame Induction for the Classes of the 1980’sJames also received a "10 Year Service Award"  for dedicated ministry and servant leadership to the Holgate Church of Christ in May 2014. James waas honored in 2017 by the Los Angeles Chapter of "Women At Work" For Southwestern Christian College & the State of California as an Outstanding Alumnus & Minister having made significant contributions locally, nationally and internationally. In 2019 James & LaConya were honored as Man & Woman of Valor By the Southwestern Christian College Beautifucation Committee.

In 2012 Brother Maxwell served on the Board of the 4C Coalition (4C is the acronym for Clergy, Community, Children, Coalition). He was one of the first Ministers in Seattle to encouraged congregants to partner with Seattle Washington’s King County Superior Court through the work of 4C to mentor at risk youth in Seattle. In May 2014, James served the "Christian Chronicle" a contributor. James is a Charter Member of the National Museum of African American History and Culture dedicated September 2016 on the National Mall in Washington, DC. 

Minister Maxwell has also served congregations in Ohio, Texas & California. He has been blessed to travel multiple times across twenty-two states, Canada & Two Continents conducting Marriage Enrichment Seminars, Family Encampments, Men’s Leadership Workshops, Teacher & Spiritual Growth Workshops, Gospel Meetings, Youth Meetings, Mission Campaigns & Anniversary/Homecomings. He has spoken on Thirteen National Churches of Christ Lectureships, Seventeen West Coat Preachers Forums as well as Several National Youth Conferences & four Annual Southwestern Christian College Lectureships.

Brother Maxwell fills his busy schedule conducting Marriage Counseling, Biblical Counseling, Life Coaching and implementing effective ministry and traveling. He's also the owner of "Maxwell's Custom Shirts"a Custom Dress Shirt business since 2002. James also does contract work for one of the world's most innovative companies. In addition to James' busy schedule he also presently represents a well known Premier Company as Brand Ambassador for  Fourteen Unversities in The Northwest. In 2009 he edited a sermon book containing 9 Young Evangelists entitled, “Help Me Holy Spirit”. James is an alumnus of Southwestern Christian College in Terrell, TX and Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX and studies currently with Christian Leaders Institute.

He continues post graduate biblical studies through Christian Leaders Institute receiving advanced training in several disciplines in Biblical Leadership. James and his wife LaConya have been married twenty-five years. He credits his wife’s love for God, her patience and sacrifice as one of the reasons he has been able to do great things for the Lord. James and LaConya have two amazing children, a son James Brooks age 21 and daughter Cathryn Grace age 18. 

Minister's Weekly Devotional

Personal Growth & Progres In A Pandemic

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Personal Growth & Progress In A Pandemic

Sometimes we're such perfectionists, we miss the fact that we're making progress. All we can see is that the goal of becoming like Christ seems to be so distant. "But I'm so far away," you say. Sometimes it seems I'm making no progress at all." No one will ever be perfectly like Christ, this side of glory.

However, as someone has suggested, the key question at any point in time is this: Which way are you facing, toward Him or away from Him? Or, more specifically, which way are you moving, toward Him or away from Him? Consider Paul’s statement expressed in Philippians 3:14. This is important as we all come to terms with our inability to change outward circumstances with the recent spread of COVID-19. We cannot stop trying to “press toward the mark” for which Christ has called us.

Even though we are to shelter in place our spirit must still soar high, our faith must continue to work, our hope must continue to be placed in the Lord of hosts. Psalms 146:5 - "Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God."

If you asked God for ways to measure your progress you would hear words like "becoming," "increasing," and "developing."

Becoming is a process word. Are you becoming a person of faith?

Increasing is a dynamic word. Do you have an increasing sense of hope, linked to Him and His promises?

Developing is a maturation word. Have you been developing a loving concern for the needs of others -- so many of them -- who are hurting and struggling too?

Give yourself time; Some things cannot be rushed. No instant masterpieces, here. God's workmanship Ephesians 2:8 (the Greek word is “poiema”, from which we get the word poem) is you! You and I are God's creation. We might even say we are His "poetry," His way of singing a song of hope to a broken world.

Give yourself space. Don't let anyone force you into his or her mold; it’s not yours. Your relationship with God is the main issue. What does He think of you? What does He ask of you? People may offer their own interpretations and perspective on these questions; but the final issues are between you and Him. He is more kind, loving, gracious, gentle, forgiving and creative than any of us can imagine.

Give yourself truth. Don't play anybody's game, not even your own. No pretending allowed, no hypocrisy required. You can be yourself. If you force it, it will just take longer. If you fake it now, you may never be able to tell when it's real.

Praise God For: His Spirit.

Thank God For: His never-ending Love.

Ask God’s Forgiveness For: neglecting time with Him.

Ask God To Help: children who miss their earthly Fathers and they find the love of the Heavenly Father.

Ask God To Supply: Our need for strength each day. 

DIGGING DEEPER AND REACHING HIGHER: Describe the last time God came through for you, whether to help, hold, or heal you.




Lord, today I thank You for the following:



I pray for the needs of others, especially the following:



Today, Lord, I need the following:



Peace & Blessings,

J.A. Maxwell, Minister



  April 2020  
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