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Topic: Jealousy The Green-Eyed Monster

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“….Saul was very angry with ; this saying displeased him greatly. ‘They have credited David with tens of thousands,’ he thought, ‘but with me with only thousands. What more can he get but the kingdom?’ And from that time on Saul kept a close eye on David.” -I Samuel 18

Jealousy is a green-eyed monster that can devour everything in its path. One of its primary victims is relationships. Love and trust are easily destroyed when jealousy rears its ugly head. An example jealousy’s impact can be seen in the relationship between David and Saul. Over time, their complex but strong bond became poisoned. The resulting fallout produced insanity and attempted murders.

Things had started out well. Early in Saul’s reign as Israel’s first king, he seemed a wise and stable ruler. One of his best moves was to make David a commander in his army. David succeeded in this position of power and prominence. For a while, Saul and David enjoyed each other’s success. But in time, David’s achievements became more celebrated than Saul. A turning point came when women from the local towns began to sing:

“Saul has slain his thousands; and David his tens of thousands.” -I Samuel 18:7

That did it for Saul. From that time on the green-eyed monster began to growl. The very next day, Saul experienced one of his many mood swings (influenced, we are told in 18:10, by an evil spirit). David tried to calm him with music, but Saul responded by throwing a spear at his chest. David jumped aside in time to avoid a painful death.

Jealousy eventually turned to paranoia, but not even campaign of animosity and another murder attempt could slow David’s rise to power as the future king of Israel. Poor Saul was unable to enjoy his successor’s happiness. Instead, he went to his grave by his own hand an angry, bitter, haunted man.

In crisis David fled to his mentor, Samuel. Where we go when we are in trouble often reveals the kind of people we are. Samuel was one of the great spiritual leaders of Israel’s history. David’s decision to go to Samuel for help reveals his wisdom and his desire to rely on God. It is important that we also find people who will help us to stay on track and lead us to depend on God for help.

Peace & Blessings,

J.A. Maxwell, Minister